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Hannover Messe - VDE Forum Energy 4.0: "Future Energy Eco Systems"

The overall motto for Hannover Messe 2024 was "Energizing a Sustainable Industry". This year, the event focused on themes critical to the transformation of the industrial sector towards more sustainable practices. The key areas of interest included artificial intelligence (AI), climate-friendly production methods, innovative solutions for the energy transition, and the utilization of hydrogen as a clean energy source. The primary goal was to showcase and promote the adoption of technologies and processes that enable industries to reduce their carbon footprint and operate more sustainably. The event aimed to facilitate the transition towards climate-friendly industrial processes, encouraging collaboration and innovation in these pivotal areas.

Hannover Messe 2024 featured more than 4,000 exhibitors representing a wide range of industrial sectors. The event is unique in its ability to bring together diverse areas of industry, from drive technology and automation to energy, R&D, industrial IT, and supply chain solutions. This convergence of multiple disciplines facilitates cross-industry collaboration and innovation, making Hannover Messe a pivotal event for advancing technological and industrial boundaries.

int:net presentation

The int:net project was prominently featured during the “Forum Energy 4.0” on April 25, 2024. Organized by VDE, the forum focused on "Future Energy Eco Systems" and included a variety of speakers discussing the future of energy systems. Prof. Antonello Monti, int:net project coordinator from the Fraunhofer FIT-Center for Digital Energy presented our project, detailing its objectives and the progress achieved thus far. This presentation helped to disseminate information about the project to a broad audience of energy sector experts, raising awareness and fostering engagement with the project's goals.

The presentation of the int:net project at Hannover MESSE 2024 proved to be a significant milestone. By introducing the project to numerous experts in the energy sector, the event succeeded in enhancing awareness and understanding of int:nets objectives and progress.
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