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Energy Data Space Cluster Meeting

Today, the Energy Data Space Projects Cluster (Omega-X, EDDIE, Enershare, Synergies and DATA CELLAR) and int:net convened with representatives from the European Commission – DG CNCET, DG ENER, CINEA. Our collaborative efforts in crafting interoperable data spaces for the European Energy System took center stage during the meeting. The newly launched projects, HEDGE-IoT, ODEON, and TwinEU, introduced their methodologies and received a warm reception for contributing to this crucial discourse.

In the presentation, we shared insights into our most recent work, highlighting the steps made in developing common, open, and practical energy data spaces. The collaborative spirit fostered during the meeting solidifies our commitment to fostering a united front in the pursuit of efficient and sustainable energy solutions. The upcoming release of our energy data spaces blueprint promises to be a significant milestone, offering a comprehensive guide to stakeholders interested in navigating this evolving landscape.

Stay tuned for further updates, as we navigate the path toward realizing energy data spaces that are not only innovative but also instrumental in shaping the future of the European Energy System.

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