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int:net at EGI Conference 2023

 D3A6152 002

Gianluca Lipari from int:net partner EPRI participated in the EGI Conference 2023 in Poznań, Poland.
He participated in the panel on "Making Space for Data", that was focused on data spaces implementations in different sectors.

Gianluca presented int:net and the energy data space projects cluster and our joint activities. Together with the other panelists, he discussed how we intend to promote interoperability in energy data spaces by focusing on activities carried out so far and the identified priorities of the cluster. The group also discussed, together with other data spaces and declining specificities of the energy sector, the technical and semantic interoperability analysis, carried out within int:net and the cluster, as well as the related energy requirements. Gianluca and the other panelists furthermore confronted challenges and best practices with the rest of data spaces, mainly identifying data governance, trust and sovereignty as main challenges that are seen in all sectors. The group also agreed, that the business value of the data spaces for the whole chain of involved actors needs to be clearly defined and is crucial for the future deployment of data spaces.
Overall, Gianluca Lipari and the other panelists provided valuable insights, shared experiences, and engaged in a comprehensive discussion aimed at advancing the implementation and effectiveness of data spaces across sectors.

EGI2023 Energy data space cluster