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Mid-term review in Brussels

Navigating Mid-Term Success: int:net Review in Brussels

The int:net consortium assembled on January 23rd in Brussels for a mid-term review, showcasing achievements from the initial 1.5 years of our interoperability project. Project officer Mariana Stantcheva (DG Energy) as well as Rolf Riemenschneider (DG Connect) from the European Commission were also present. The feedback and advice offered by these two have been central in refining the project's focus and strategies for the second half of its duration. We are very grateful for the helpful advice!

The shared insights from this review will undoubtedly boost us forward as we continue to build and strengthen our interoperability community and marked a fundamental moment, reflecting on achievements and charting a course for the int:net consortium's ongoing journey towards fostering interoperability in Europe's digital landscape.

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