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int:net at Enlit 2023

Our journey at Enlit Europe 2023 in Paris began with great enthusiasm as we initiated our participation with a dedicated session focusing on the int:net project. The event kicked off with the presentation of the first outcomes of the project, such as the Maturity Model EMINENT or the int:net Community Platform. Following the presentation, a panel discussion ensued, featuring data space projects Omega-X, ENERSHARE, DATA CELLAR EU, Synergies, and EDDIE. The engaging dialogue that unfolded during the panel discussion provided a platform for the exchange of ideas and insights, fostering a collaborative spirit among the diverse projects represented. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the participants who contributed to the richness of the conversation, making it a truly enlightening experience for everyone involved.

As the event progressed, we invited the Enlit audience to seize the opportunity to connect with us at the EU Projects Zone. This designated space serves as a hub for networking, collaboration, and further exploration of innovative projects. The int:net project proudly took its place, standing shoulder to shoulder with numerous impactful EU projects that share the common goal of shaping the future of energy.

We were very happy to again meet so many partners and make new contacts.

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